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Tue Mar 27 23:03:54 2007

List of all news-entries

3-.-0.2003 27: 1 from Raphael Schneider: First Version of libRASCH

The first version of libRASCH was published today. Additionaly the website of the project is now online.

4-.-0.2003 09: 2 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.2.0

  • added functions to copy/move/delete the files of a measurement
  • in access plugins added needed support for file handling
  • added info-id to get version of libRASCH

4-.-0.2003 15: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.2.1

  • added missing files for view-plugins needed by win32
  • better Makefile support for win32

4-.-0.2003 20: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.2.2

  • correct handling of file-names for signals if no path or a relative path was give
  • ra_open() under Linux now case insensitve (sort of)

5-.-0.2003 13: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.3.0

  • added error-handling scheme
  • added handling of usual 'configure; make; make install' for Linux build
  • started to provide a Windows Installer file (binary only distribution of libRASCH)
  • Win32 version of libRASCH use Registry for configuration
  • use new error-scheme in plugins

5-.-0.2003 16: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.3.1

  • added warning-handling scheme (extended error handling)
  • corrected in ecg plugin the calculation of the normal reference value
  • some minor changes in hrv plugin

7-.-0.2003 12: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.3.2

  • Linux: librasch.conf will now be found in the $HOME directory
  • access to EDF files works (annotation channel in EDF+ files is still not supported)
  • code for setting/getting options for plugins changed; functionality is now only in ra.c

8-.-0.2003 15: 2 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.4.0

major changes
  • added Matlab support under Linux
  • added horizontal scroll bar in some view plugins
  • added interface to use libRASCH in Scilab
  • build-system for Linux improved/corrected
  • better support for Physionet data formats
A detailed list is given in the file Changelog.

2-.-1.2003 02: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.0

major changes
  • added support for string annotations/comments
  • complete support of EDF+ format
  • added support for string annotations/comments in MIT/BIH formats
  • added view-plugin for Cardiotocograms
  • added plugin to get Dawes/Redman criteria from Cardiotocograms (based on the publications about the criteria)
  • added plugin to detect uterine contractions in Cardiotocograms
  • improved configure/build/install system
  • fixed some bugs
  • minor improvements
A detailed list can be found in the ChangeLog.

2-.-1.2003 04: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.1

  • added missing ctg-view plugin to distribution

2-.-1.2003 26: 0 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.2

major changes
  • build system for Linux works on Debian (tested on a Knoppix 3.3 installation)
  • in ecg- and cont-ap-view-plugins, the shown information depends on the available space (time resolution)
  • extended API to support general flags for events (e.g. event was edited by user)
  • move shown area during area selection when moving mouse outside the window
A detailed list can be found in the ChangeLog.

1-.-0.2004 08: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.5.3

  • fixed problem in ap-morphology plugin when blood pressure signal starts with calibration sequence
  • man pages of API functions on Linux
  • added wrapper code in C header files needed for C++
  • get endianess of system during runtime
  • better calculation of available space for shown infos in ecg-view and blood-pressure-view plugins

5-.-0.2004 22: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.6.0

Changes are
  • changed API function names to be more consistent
  • added RASCHlab to the distribution
  • added/started new documentation
  • fixed some bugs and removed some memory leaks
For a detailed list of changes look in the ChangeLog file coming with the distribution.

5-.-0.2004 27: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.6.1

Changes since 0.6.0
  • fixed small displacement of qrs complexes when editing beats
  • 'configure' script checks now which kind of Qt library (multi-threaded or non-multi-threaded) is installed
  • added missing event-file for example recording '100s'
  • fixed problems with CVS informations in distributed (and CVS managed) documentations
  • pdf versions of the documentation in the Windows binary distribution are now correct

0-.-1.2004 18: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.0

Major changes are
  • changed API functions getting the raw signal data
  • added i18n and l10n
  • revised the build system for Linux
A lot of minor additions/bug-fixes where done, for a detailed list of changes please look in the ChangeLog file coming with the distribution.

1-.-1.2004 16: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.1

Major Changes are
  • added a plugin which measure calibration signals (up to now only calibration pulses) in a recording automatically
  • some bug-fixes and additons to the MIT/BIH (PhysioNet) access plugin
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

2-.-1.2004 22: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.2

Major Changes are
  • EDF+ plugin: in EDF+D records, combine succeeding data records into one session when they are continuous in time
  • calibration plugin: improved detection of calibration pulses
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

2-.-0.2005 26: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.3

Major Changes are
  • EDF+ plugin: handle more than one annotation channel
  • signal-selection dialog: in the Win32 version, the directory of the last selected signal will be selected initially
For a complete list of changes please check the ChangeLog

5-.-0.2005 27: 1 from Raphael Schneider: libRASCH-0.7.4

Major Changes are
  • fixed memory usage in plugins returning results (if anyone experience a crash in Matlab after several ra_lib_open/ra_lib_close sequences, this should be solved now)
  • fixed a lot of small bugs
For a detailed list of changes please check the ChangeLog